Ferrari 512 Testarossa Evolution in Video Games

Italian Ferrari 512 Testarossa, one of the coolest super sports cars ever made. Testarossa also has a good reputation in video games too. First Test Drive game was a turning point for Racing Games in gaming history. Also includes Ferrari Testarossa as one of the four main cars in game.

Moreover, everyone knows OutRun, it was a real legend on Arcade Driving Game history. Testarossa is the one and only car in 1989’s OutRun.

After many years from first game, OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast released with bunch of Ferrari’s plus The Legendary One.

In 2012, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends didn’t do so good for Ferrari and Test Drive names. Game was totally bad but to be honest, driving “The Last Real Ferrari – a.k.a. 512 TR” is still fun!

Last year Forza Horizon 4 came Xbox One consoles and PC. This game is awesome and it has various cars to drive. However, driving Testarossa in todays graphics and technology is just perfect.

Ferrari Testarossa gameplay in racing games

List of Ferrari 512 Testarossa in Video Games:

  • 00:00 Test Drive1987
  • 01:46 OutRun1989
  • 03:09 OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast2006
  • 04:34 Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends2012
  • 06:18 Forza Horizon 42018


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